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Specializing in websites for young adults starting in business
Questions to ask yourself?
Right now, how do I want to be spending my time?  Do I want to be seeking new contacts/customers/clients, expanding my available services/products OR do I want to be building my website?
Six months from now, how do I want to be spending my time?   Do I want to be seeking new contacts/customers/clients OR do I want to be updating my website?
We can design, create, launch and maintain a website for you "painlessly" and at a reasonable cost!
We specialize in creating/building/maintaining websites for individuals who are starting up their new business.  Our pricing makes it cost effective to have a quality custom web site. Beautiful Oregon
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What are DIY websites? Gates of Oregon Difference Design and Creative
This website is designed and crafted to provide you with the information to understand the difference of a custom designed interactive website versus one you might do yourself. Those websites are referred to as "DIY" or Do It Yourself. There are many television commercials for DIY "FREE" websites.  For a dollar they will do absolutely everything for you that you need.  But they leave out a lot of information that you might painfully discover down the road after your business/service turns out to be a success.   We explain the differences Click here to view the a little bit more about DIY. Our goal is to design, craft, publish and maintain your website, while you concentrate on your growing business/service. 

Do you really want to be concentrating every day, on updating web pages or what images are required for your shopping cart??? 

Would not you rather be working with one of your new potential customers to gain additional sales revenue OR spending time working with an existing current customer so they remain and continue purchasing products or services with your business???
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We can create/build/maintain your website for you.  We also can add/create unique graphic images and designs for your website to make it stand out among the competition. We will recommend and maintain a unique "Branding" for your site to match your business goals.

You can find these qualities on the actual websites we publish for our customers, as well as on our examples of design as displayed on our Design/Creative page.   Here is the opportunity to view published website examples of our work  Actual websites .

Who is Gates of Oregon? Services and Pricing Actual Published Websites
Greg Gates was a 30+ career marketer.  I served in senior positions with several Fortune 100 corporations.  Take a look at this page to read the whole story as to why I would find it a privileged to work with you! Who is Gates of Oregon As you will read, Greg is using this opportunity to "Give Back" a little.  That is why I am specializing in creating/building/maintaining websites for people starting out their business for the first time. Therefore, pricing is meant to be significantly under what is the going rate for a truly custom built website. This will make more sense after reading the explanation on this page Services & Pricing We have several up and running websites to show you.  We are happy to tell you the web site owners are pleased with our work and available for reference if you need it.   Follow this link to view our work on the Internet Actual websites
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Our goal is to assist you in making your decision!
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